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Has Israel Found Discovered An Affective Cure To Covid-19?

Has Israel Found Discovered An Affective Cure To Covid-19?

While some nations are making plans to get back at China for not taking timely corrective action in controlling the catastrophe called CoronaVirus, others who feel a cure is the need of the hour are coming across new vistas.
While some nations are progressing towards human trails, Israel has confirmed the discovery of possibly an effective vaccine against Covid-19 disease.

Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) has now claimed that they have had a breakthrough in isolating a monoclonal antibody (vaccine) that can actually neutralize Covid-19 disease. At the moment, it remains unclear if the vaccine has been tested on humans.

This was confirmed to media worldwide by Defence Minister Naftali Bennett who has confirmed that the antibody “attacks the virus and neutralizes it inside the body of the infected.” IIBR has worked on a single recovered cell from an infected sample and then cloned it unlike the use of polyclonal antibodies which will have to be derived from multiple cells. By making use of single cells, it is easy to replicate the antibody that the mimicking the body’s natural immune response.

The secret laboratory that works under the directions of the Israeli PM has successfully completed the development phase of the antibody formula and will soon be looking out for an international partner to manufacture it. They will patent the formula.

Due to the nature of their work, the IIBR has been most apt to move ahead with developing a vaccine. They have a clear mandate to work to counter biological threats against Israel. It is also known to be one of the few nations that quickly closed down its borders as the pandemic spread rapidly in a matter of months from December 2019. It also imposed increasingly stringent restrictions on movement to arrest the spread of the novel coronavirus.

While the Israeli find is ready for mass production, unlike more samples being prepared and readied in other countries, the former has not gone through human trials.

The world has been struggling to keep the rate of spread of the corona virus desperately in control. Social distancing has been the only resort, apart from general effort towards maintaining personal hygiene and sanitization.
The strategy of herd immunity has also been discussed in several nations. But unless a vaccine is developed, humanity lives under the constant threat of falling sick and fighting exposure to the virus.

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