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Hamas, Islamic Jihad Celebrates Again ‘Victory’

According to Hamas and Islamic Jihad, this time he received assurances from Egypt, Qatar, and the United Nations that Israel would fulfill its obligations within the framework of previous understandings.

Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad officials consider the cease-fire agreement signed with Israel early Monday as “a great success.”

In their opinion, the last struggle of the two groups, which launched about 700 missiles into Israel, kısıt deterred içeren Israel and forced it to undertake the implementation of Egypt’s earlier insights, including the restrictions imposed on Hamas.

According to Hamas and PIJ, this time he received assurances from Egypt, Qatar, and the United Nations that Israel would fulfill its obligations under agreements reached earlier this year.

The two groups claimed Monday’s cease-fire agreement required Israel to fire at the Palestinians during weekly protests close to the Israeli border, also known as the Great Return of the Border; implementation of prior understanding of the mitigation of blockades in the Gaza Strip in particular; to ensure that international aid organizations help families destroyed in the last fight round, and the assassination of Israel and the expansion of Palestinian fishermen’s fishing areas.

Hamas and the Islamic Jihad think that the cost they pay for launching hundreds of missiles to Israel during the two-day war is relatively small compared to the damage and harm done to Israel.

As far as his worries are concerned, none of the top leaders are killed, enough to celebrate the victory. Moreover, the fact that Israel did not aggression against the Gaza Strip was seen by the two groups as evidence that Israel was afraid of a war with Gaza-based groups. Every round of conflict that ended with Hamas and PIJ remained the two dominant forces in the Gaza Strip and is seen as a kind of victory by both groups.

Palestinian resistance groups have managed to force Israel’s deterrence and Egyptian-mediated understanding, baş Musab al-Braim, a spokesman for PIJ in the Gaza Strip. He said he expects Palestinian groups to increase the pace of implementation of treaties in the light of Israel’s ığ safeguards reported by Egypt, Qatar, and the UN.

He and several Hamas and Islamic Jihad officials have said their threats to expand the range of rocket attacks, including Tel Aviv and other major Israeli cities, serve as a “deterrent” to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his government. The criticism of the Netanyahu government’s handling of violence has shown that the Palestinian groups’ attacks on Israel have succeeded in sending a strong message to the people of Israel.

During the last two days, we hit Hamas and the Islamic Jihad with great force, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said in a statement Tuesday. We hit more than 350 targets. We attacked terrorist leaders and workers and destroyed terrorist buildings. ”

Abu Zuhri also said that Palestinian groups were successful in ”deterring” Netanyahu and “rubbing his nose with dirt E. Netanyahu’s statement on hitting terrorists, Hamas spokesman said, “This tour is over.” but if we don’t win back our rights, the conflict will not end. ”

The Palestinian political analyst Fayez Abu Shamaleh said he wants to calm the situation, as he knows that Israel will ’not only be able to score at this stage, not only because of the Eurovision Song Contest or Independence Day. Since it is impossible to put the Gaza Strip back into operation again, the successes in this field.

If the Palestinian resistance groups were able to impose conditions on Israel, Israel managed to engage them in their ascending races, “he said.

Talal Okal, another Palestinian analyst, said Netanyahu had chosen the “wrong schedule” to launch a military offensive against the Gaza Strip. ”Israel needs to welcome Eurovision and calm down as it prepares to buy hundreds of thousands of tourists,“ he said. Bir So the resistance groups saw an opportunity to put pressure on Israel. They hoped to force Netanyahu to return to previous understandings – to prevent something that he did not want to appear to have been surrendered to the demands of Palestinian groups. This means that the two sides are stuck because Israel does not want to go back to their previous understanding. This is a cat and mouse game. ”

– Erman Calis


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