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Haftar Feels Insulted As Turkey Cooperates With Sarraj

The self-styled Libyan Army led Eastern Parliament has denounced Turkish alliance with the legitimate UN-backed Tripoli-based government. This announcement comes immediately after Turkish PM Recap Tayyip Erdogan signed an agreement with the Government of National Accord leader Fayez Sarraj on the delineation of maritime boundaries in the Mediterranean Sea. They also reached a pact for maritime and security cooperation.

Libya’s eastern parliament has denounced this maritime and security cooperation deal and termed it as an “insulting breach” terming it as something that will threaten the country’s security and sovereignty.

According to the Gen., Khalifa Haftar led eastern parliament, this deal amounts to a “defense pact” and grants the Turkish government the right to use Libyan airspace and waters as well as build military bases on Libyan soil. Libya has been divided between two power factions and civil war has been ongoing since 2015. Various countries have taken sides and used this as a way to garner power in the war-torn region.

As Turkish support has grown towards the legitimate government, Haftar forces have been infuriated to no end. Commercial flights were stopped to fly between the Turkish and Libyan routes, Turkish ships had also been prohibited from docking on the Libyan coast and further, Turkish citizens were threatened with arrest.

However, Erdogan’s interest has been straight. Libya is an oil and gas-rich country and reserves the borders important Mediterranean trade routes. The country’s destabilization aroused the avarice of various international players, including the Turkish government. With signing a pact for maritime boundaries, Turkey ensures the safety of Libya’s largest natural resource and mode of employment and trade.

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