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Greece Offering Olive Branch Might Not Deter Turkey

Greece has reportedly offered an olive branch to Turkey. Amidst the tension rising on all quarters, Turkey seems to be dominating an aggressive position. It seems that Greece would like to take a more peaceful approach to the whole drilling issue in the East Mediterranean.

The conflict that started way back in the 1960s continues to date, where the Cypriot region remains divided between Greece and Turkey.

Turkey, on its part, has consistently contested the Greek Cypriot administration’s unilateral drilling in the eastern Mediterranean, asserting that the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) also has rights to resources in the area.

Since this spring, Ankara has sent two drilling vessels — Fatih and most recently Yavuz — to the eastern Mediterranean, asserting the rights of turkey and the TRNC over the resources of the region.

Athens and Greek Cypriots have opposed the move, threatening to arrest the ships’ crews and enlisting leaders to join their criticism.

Political analysts believe that Turkey is now escalating its conflict with Cyprus over undersea energy riches, sending warships and exploration vessels into disputed Mediterranean Sea waters in a bid to keep Cyprus from developing natural gas discoveries.

It is constantly moving away from the United States and perilously getting closer to Russia while antagonizing its neighbors around the Eastern Mediterranean, walking on thin ice and test patience of everyone around.

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