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Google acts responsible, bans an app promoting AntiSemitism

In sudden turn of events on preventing hate social media material doing rounds, Google has taken a strong stand by removing an application from its online store after The Sunday Times revealed itcontained anti-semitic rhetoric.

According to media reports, the Euro Fatwa App that was launchedlast month is the one under radar. It was launched by the European Council for Fatwa and Research (ECFR), based in Clonskeagh, Dublin 14 and is said to be a guide for Muslims based in Europe. The introduction to the application is said to be written by Yusuf al-Qaradawi. He is regarded as the spiritual head of the Muslim Brotherhood, and is already banned from the UK and France in 2012 for extolling extremist views.

In the application’s introduction, Al-Qaradawi is openly speaking about previous fatwas (rulings on Islamic law) during which he makes a defamatory reference to Jews. Qaradawi has been banned from entry into France and the UK after he advocated for suicide bomb attacks against Israelis. He has also been labeled as a terrorist by Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt since 2017for his support of the Muslim Brotherhood.

In a consecutive move in April of 2019, the Trump administration was already working to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a foreign terrorist organization. The Qatar-based Qaradawi was also refused entry into Ireland in 2011. The ECFR, a private Islamic foundation that he heads, is based in Dublin. His US visa was also revoked in 2009.

Most online platforms are today, extremely conscious about inter-religion sentiment, plagiarism, derogatory statements and much more. This is a simply good practice being consciously worked on, in order to maintain responsible sharing and posting of informationon the web space.

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