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Muslim Brotherhood
Muslim Brotherhood

German intelligence report: the Muslim Brotherhood is a danger to “peace and social harmony”

According to press reports published by the German DW and “Jihad Watch,” there are plans to “Islamize” Germany and other countries in the European Union.

The increasing immigration or infiltration into Europe has led to a rise in extremism on Western lands. “The Muslim Brotherhood is one of the main players in the Jihad operation and is secretly seeking to expand the call to apply extremist ideas and achieve its goals,” the report said.

The Muslim Brotherhood exploited the “Islamophobia” to weaken the will and determination of the Westerners, portraying a false illusion that Westerners opposed to immigration were pursuing discriminatory approaches against all migrants. As a result, fewer Westerners appear willing to discuss the harm of “Islamization”.

Without a distinction between traditional Muslims and violent extremist groups that practice violence. The Muslim Brotherhood operates in Western countries as a “hidden jihadist” group, pretending to be harmless.

Germany is one of the countries that were not likely to shed light on how the Muslim Brotherhood works and where it operates, but the German intelligence did this step, which is a turning point, the Muslim Brotherhood was observed in Germany as a source of danger to Democracy despite its “non-violent” appearance.

“The Muslim Brotherhood exploits the difference between their group and the groups that adopt violence as a pretext, as a way to present themselves as an alternative that does not cause problems,” said an excerpt from a report by the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BFV). “But their influence can threaten social
peace and harmony.”

German journalist Axel Speaker, an expert on terrorism, wrote about the threat of the Muslim Brotherhood in Germany. “The Islamic Group in Germany, and the organizations that work with it, that works to establish a state based on Islamic law.

This week, the Turkish newspaper Ahwal published an aspect of the report of the German Internal Intelligence Agency 2018 stating that the Muslim Brotherhood was being closely watched in Germany because of the dangers to democracy of “non-violent groups” in the country.

The BFV, one of three Confederation intelligence services, said that “legitimate Islamic groups are working to influence large numbers of the population” and described the groups as “non-violent but extremist.”

The report said the Muslim Brotherhood could turn into a representative of Muslim interests in the eyes of the masses and the state, warning that the ideology of the religious group could expand to spread among Muslims in North Rhine-Westphalia and Germany as a whole.

According to the German report, the presence of a foreign organization with an Islamic political view and gaining such influence can jeopardize social peace and harmony especially that the Muslim Brotherhood has very extremist religious thoughts inspired ISIS and AL-QAIDA

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