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From friend of Israel to its worst enemy, Qatar rejects peace in the Middle East

From friend of Israel to its worst enemy, Qatar rejects peace in the Middle East

Qatar rejects the return of peace between the Emirates and Israel and claims to be the ambassador of peace in the region.But this contradicts the Qatari reality in support of terrorism and armed groups, as Doha supports Hamas and provides it with money and equipment.

Since Hamas assumed control in Gaza, Qatar has poured hundreds of millions of dollars into the territory and backed Hamas diplomatically, sheltering its exiled leader Khaled Mashaal. In 2007, Qatar was one of the only countries to back Hamas after the group booted the more moderate Palestinian Authority out of the Gaza Strip in a bloody coup. In 2012, its then-emir, Sheik Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, became the first head of state to visit Gaza under Hamas rule, pledging to raise $400 million toward reconstruction.

Among the media that are most promoting this anti-Semitic agenda is the al-Jazeera network. The channel has always encouraged hostility to Jews in its programs, also hosting the controversial Imam Yousef al-Kharadawi, who in 2014 issued an explicit fatwa justifying the suicide attacks against Israel, and calling on Muslims everywhere to mobilize to defend the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, and for the killing of Jews as well.

Qatar is still running a massive hate speech campaign on social media against the UAE-Israel peace deal, which got signed last month, fabricating news and childishly divert attention.In general hypocrisy, the platforms generously funded by the Doha regime portray the UAE as servants of the West, inciting hatred against Christians and Jews in the Arab world.

A practice that could have dangerous implications, and that destroys the efforts made in recent years to promote tolerance and dialogue between religions. However, these channels forget that Qatar was the first Gulf state to settle ties with Israel, the first to welcome Israeli students, and the only one to allow direct dealing to Israel. Israeli athletes were shining on Doha’s courts.

Qatar tried to woo the Americans who support Israel and who belong to the American Congress, and this made some of them confused because of their knowledge of Qatar’s support for Iran and terrorism, and they had evidence of its hostility to Israel. Now, calls are circulating in the US Congress to isolate Qatar as its neighbours did from 2017.

Also, European politicians have recently begun to think about lobbying Qatar through sanctions targeting individuals and entities, after a report by a private company security consultant who provided over whelming evidence of the Al Thani royal family’s armamentaria support for dangerous terrorist groups, including Lebanese Hezbollah.

What is the peace that Qatar has sought in the Palestinian cause despite spreading sedition and providing money to Hamas?Qatar has sponsored the Muslim Brotherhood, the Egyptian forebears of Hamas in Egypt, and the Sunni radicals who seek to overthrow the Bashar Assad regime in Syria.

By the summer and the Gaza war, Israel labelled Qatar a haven for terrorists, in part because it is home to Mashaal, Hamas’ political leader overseas. The Qatari footprints alone prompted Israel to reject a ceasefire proposal in 2014 put forward by the former US Secretary of State John Kerry, even though trade ties were still in place.

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