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Frenzied Venezuelans Disregard Passport and Cross Border Rule of Ecuador

Hundreds and thousands of frantic Venezuelan migrants are fleeing from the economic misery that their home-country is facing. In an attempt to start life afresh elsewhere, the migrants flouted rules. Basically, the migrants need to have a valid passport in order to cross the borders from Colombia and entering into Ecuador. It seems that authorities present at the site allowed such action.

Over hundreds of frenzied people traveled for days by bus and some even on foot were barred to pass through checkpoint located at the southwestern town of Ipiales, due to an adjustment made by the President of Ecuador which kicked off from 18th August. However, with tension among the people scaling up in the freezing Colombian mountain town, refugees even agreed to get detained but started to walk past the unguarded border.

One migrant stated that she don’t have any money; however, they need to move on so that their life comes back to track. Most of the migrants were out of breath after hauling her belongings through the steep hill and reaching the Ecuadorian border.

Many migrants regardless of having a Venezuelan national ID are being barred because of the new regulations. After waiting for some time in freezing weather, migrants took the chance to cross through the unmanned border gates.

The government of Peru announced of similar measures as introduced by Ecuador. Venezuelans migrants would need passport staring from 25th August. However, children and adolescents traveling with parents won’t require any passport.

A Red Cross volunteer from Ecuador stated that the migrants are in a state of uncertainty. Hence, those who are crossing the borders illegally are going to face fines at the borders.

According to a report, over millions of Venezuelan migrant reached Colombia over the last 15 months; however, Ecuador, Brazil, and Peru also received an almost equal amount of migrants.

Over the last two years, many Venezuelans have strived hard to secure passports amid the political and economic chaos between OPEC nations. This year, around 423000 Venezuelans reached Ecuador through Rumichaca border.

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