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France Denies Support As Missiles Unearth in Haftar Territory

France has denied charges of supplying anti-tank missiles were found on the base loyal to the rouge Libyan general and self-proclaimed freedom fighter, Gen Haftar.

Sources confirm that France has denied breaching the UN arms embargo and said that the US made Javelin missiles were actually ‘unusable’ and meant to be destroyed. The country’s defense ministry backed by Florence Party has said that the missiles were never intended to be passed to any group.

Their discovery in a camp south of the capital Tripoli, used by forces loyal to General Khalifa Haftar has come as a surprise to the French.

The hope for Libya is bleak with the nation torn between two opposing powers. Both sides are being backed by various other nations, making the whole political dynamics very complex.

At one point, it did seem that Gen Haftar’s LNA ‘would take Tripoli with ease. But then, US President Donald Trump called and offered his congratulations cooling down the relationship for the time being.

On the other side, leading Tripoli is the GNA has Turkey and Qatar on its side. But both the nations are also known to play both sides.

Most Western nations back the unity government. However, there are suspicions about France back Gen Haftar, while technically the French seemed to be taking a mediation role in the conflict.

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