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U.S. Reps. Jeff Miller

Former US Rep Becomes A Qatar Informer

The United States Rep Jeff Miller is said to have violated federal law as he has registered as an agent of Qatar six months after he left the office. Now, a nonpartisan campaign finance watchdog group has finally filed a complaint with the Department of Justice.

Miller is known to have been employed for a short span of eight months representing Florida’s 1st congressional district. He later joined the lobbying firm of McDermott Will and Emery on April 2017. In July 2017, the lobbying firm filed documents under the Foreign Agents Registration Act stating Miller would be one of three employees providing services in the interests of Qatar.

The watchdog group is in its right to say that Miller is now liable to be put behind bars. According to the watchdog group, Campaign Legal Centre, the federal law bans former government employees, including members of Congress, from aiding or advising a foreign entity with the intent to influence a member of the U.S. government, not before one year has passed from your exit of services.

The Campaign Legal Center was created to reduce the influence of money in politics.  It further states that Miller is in violation of the “revolving door ban” by registering as a foreign agent.

The said complaint also states that even if Miller never made lobbying contacts on Qatar’s behalf, any ‘behind the scenes’ services in support of the foreign government’s lobbying or influence efforts would nonetheless violate the Act.

The penalty for violating the law can be up to five years in prison or a fine.

Qatar has been known to influence individuals and even media house in America to lobby for itself as a humanitarian loving nation. Instead, all this has been consistently happening to hide their terror funding agendas that are running in America, Britain, and part of Europe.

While most political groups think tanks, research agencies in America are well aware of Qatar’s dubious dealings, the Trump administration has been conveniently turning a deaf ear and blind eye to Doha’s illicit work. It is worth noting that Qatar has been buying huge numbers of the military know-how from America,  an agenda that seems to suit Trump more than anything else right now.

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