Former United States Attorney General Hired By Qatar

The Qatar crisis is still going strong. As such, the Qatari government has started to hire more consultants and legal experts in the United States to push its agenda. Most recently, it has managed to hire Michael Mukasey who was a former attorney general under former president George W Bush. Mukasey was also the former chief of staff of Rudy Giuliani.

Documents have been released by the Foreign Agents Registration Act of the US government which shows that Mukasey has been hired by Qatar along with Tony Carbonetti, a former aide to Guiliani.

The boycott on Qatar will only be lifted if Qatar commits to stop their support for the extremist group, Muslim Brotherhood, and also for ending support for its antagonistic media. This boycott has been going on for over a year but there has not been any positive development in Qatar. Instead, it has decided on a costly strategy to get help from outside for resolving the crisis.

Mukasey is actually the second former US AG hired by Qatar. Previously, Qatar had employed John Ashcroft last year. As per the US documents, Mukasey is charging $1,600 per hour from Qatar from his services.

The registration was released to the public just 10 days after it was reported that Qatar had hired Blueprint Advisers which is led by Carbonetti and Chris Henick. Henick was also a former aide to Giuliani. According to the report, Qatar is paying $1.2 million to Blueprint for their services for a year.


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