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Fire Festival Being Used by Iranian Youth for Protests

Fire Festival Being Used by Iranian Youth for Protests

The Iranian National Fire Festival will be used by the youth of Iran to protest against the cruel regime of the brutal mullah. This action by the youths has terrified the mullahs. The Revolutionary Guards Corps, the Judiciary, the police, the Rouhani agents and the Iranian Regime are intimidating and threatening the Iranian youths so that they do not participate in the festival and reignite the uprising. The chair of the National Council of Resistance of Iran, Mohammad Mohaddessin, said that the youth resort to burst thousands of firecrackers and threaten the violators.

The Fire Festivals is something not very new in the Regime. Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader has issued fatwas in the past to stop it because he thought that it was harmful and not religious. The Regime in Iran is trying to turn the festival into something more meaningful and that which would promote the principles of the Regime.

The commander -in-chief of the Revolutionary Guards Corps said that the organization is losing its morale by suppressing the Iranian people which is the main reason beyond the internal crisis in the Regime.

The People’s Mujahidin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), have asked the people of Iran to take part in the Fire Festival so that they can protest against the uprising of the brutal mullahs. Since the start of the protest, crying voices of the people of Iran can be heard across all the places. Workers in Isfahan to the students belonging to Tehran, to the marginalized groups in Khuzestan, all their voices are heard until the Regime falls.

The mullahs’ efforts to stop this will all go up in vain. The mullahs in Iran know it well that the protests cannot be stopped. Iran’s Interior Minister, Rahmani Fazli believes in the fact that a single spark is enough to instill the first of protest in the hearts of the Iranian people which will bring down and burn the brutal Regime.

The protest in Iran should continue to that the Regime can be brought down. The people outside Iran should also support the protesters in their initiative.

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