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Filipino Children Find Their Future In Israel Unsure

Filipino children born in Israel are feeling very unsafe about their future. Some are being told that they could be deported to the Philippines at any point in time. Currently, almost 600 families that have come as caregivers and domestic helpers are at risk of losing their residency status and are living in fear of being deported from Israel.

Earlier this month, Turkey was being criticized for deporting and in the act of expulsion of Syrian immigrants who could not find the right paperwork to keep themselves from being sent back to the war laden land of Syria.

In Israel, they are now harboring long term thoughts of the exodus of the race when has solely been proud of its Jewish antecedents. Israel had been founded as a national homeland for Jews in the wake of the Holocaust.

A sense of expulsion is being felt all over the world and even children living on the US-Mexico border have been subject to such ridiculous thought of immigration. But almost all the 28000 Filipinos had been brought into Israel legally.

A recent protest by some such families in Tel Aviv is a telling story of how parents are being deported while children are being left to fend for themselves, as they have been born and brought up in Israel itself.

In a recent ruling by union district judge Dana Sabraw, the culture of splitting children at the Mexico-US border was finally stopped. Since 2018, almost 900 children and toddlers were separated from their parents on dubious and frivolous reasons.

This apparently has been Trump tactic, which has been widely criticized by the general public. War and desire for better living have made a lot of people move from their homelands to various other parts of the world, creating a general exodus of nationalities and therefore a sense of periodic cleansing and obvious unrest in those who have had to move from their native lands elsewhere.

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