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The Fight for Freedom
The Fight for Freedom

The Fight for Freedom: Human Rights Facts in Iran

For several years, human rights have been an issue in Iran in relation to the U.N. Human Rights Council serving the special mandate where the Iranian citizen’s rights are a matter of concern. Here are 10 facts about Iranian human rights.

  1. Iranian government is constantly executing the citizens of Iran. The citizens can be executed due to adultery, same-sex relationship, drug-related crimes, or even the refusal to adopt a religious value.
  2. The activists of human rights are jailed and prosecuted for their activism. The people who fight in Iran to make a fairer government aren’t rewarded for their efforts.
  3. The freedom of speech and expression isn’t respected and is also actively denied. The protesters are arrested and might be sentenced to death due to a public disagreement.
  4. Erasure and censorship of political opinion seems to occur pretty often in Iran. As a matter of fact, the Association of Journalist has been banned in Iran.

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