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The fate of Rohingya remains as unbalanced as ever
The fate of Rohingya remains as unbalanced as ever

The fate of Rohingya remains as unbalanced as ever

The future of Rohingya remains as uncertain as ever when the group refused to return to Myanmar fearing for their safety. The primary cause for the prevention of the repartition is the state of Rahkine. Last year around 2017, Rahkine saw the murder of 10,000 Rohingya’s where the mass killing was terrifying. No child was spared and women were raped and mutilated like stray animals.
This time too, despite Myanmar’s promise to Bangladeshi government to house the Rohingyas, the tribe of 700,000 remained skeptical.

According to news sources, a fellow Rohingya by the name of Yanghee Lee announced that Myanmar has no intention of housing the Rohingyas. Moreover, even without Myanmar’s direct refusal their intentions and abhorration of the Rohingyas was visible to anyone. The country itself notified that they have no intention of letting the Rohingyas beyond Maungdaw Township located in Rahkine. Now, with the unrest brewing in Rakhine, it’s evident that the return of the Rohingya’s would lead to mass genocide. Further, Myanmar only built 30,000 refugee camps for the tribe whereas there are 700,000 refugees.
This further proves the speculation that the tribe of Rohingya is indeed not safe in Myanmar. Nevertheless, with all these one million refugees holding the fort in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh isn’t ready to house them either. The country outright refused to enact schools and permanent infrastructure for the thousands of Rohingya children.
However, despite their predicament, Bangladesh has proclaimed they’ll not depart the Rohingyas by force yet. Nevertheless, numerous NGO’s are speculating Bangladesh government will hit back incognito and force these tribes out.
Presently, Bangladesh is set out to relocate the overpopulated tribes to Bhasan Char, a slit river island. This action on the country’s part wasn’t favored by Human Rights Watch or NGO’s, because the location is a flooded spot. All these plans clearly indicate the Rohingya’s are stuck in a tight spot. With Myanmar refusing to house them and Bangladesh following in its lead, the future of this indigenous tribe lies in shambles.

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