Fate of Immigrants in Doubt: Optimism on DACA

The public negotiations held at the White House on Tuesday have made things easier for the lawmakers. The bipartisan deal can now protect the seven-hundred thousand immigrants who had been brought to the United States illegally during their childhood. Sharp party divisions were observed Teresa Brown, the director at the Bipartisan Policy Center, has stated that both the sides have been rhetorically locked on the position on things. The two sides have put their demands on binary term which is not the basis to make a compromise.

Addition to the Problem

The chief executive has added to the problem because his preference for deal making can override political predictability. The writ issued by the Federal judge on Tuesday had acted as a hindrance to the White House’s plan of executing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program in March.

Optimism Observed

Some lawyers are optimistic about the DACA because it does not lead to partisan deadlock. It has been stated that the President seems to be open to a narrow deal which will protect the Dreamers and tackle some of the difficult issues which will be faced.

Who Were Present at the Meeting?

The meeting was hosted by the American President, Donald Trump. Twenty five congressional Republicans and Democrats also attended the meeting. In 2012, the DACA was signed by the Former U.S President, Barack Obama. It had offered temporary protection to around seven hundred thousand immigrants who did not have any authorization. These immigrants were brought to the country as children and the DACA provided them the ability to work in the Unites States.

What did Trump Decide?

President Donald Trump declared the DACA to be void in September and allotted a time of six months to the Congress to figure out a legislative solution. According to the President, four major issues- Border security, DACA, family-based immigration reforms and an end to the diversity visa via lottery program need immediate handling.

What Happened at the Meeting on Tuesday?

The Democrats were trying to create a path for citizenship to maximum number of immigrants. They will have to figure out how to concede to the strict order security measures which might include some kind of a wall. The Republicans, however, are trying to get a bipartisan support for immigration reforms. They are against any kind of pardon for the unauthorized immigrants.


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