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FaceBook Pulls Down Saudi Arabian Fake Accounts

Social media has been misused time and again, but confirmed reports have come in that Facebook has indeed found fictitious accounts of people linked to Saudi Arabian authorities that have been using the Facebook platforms to spread propaganda through fake accounts.

The operation from these accounts has mainly targeted the MiddleEast and North Africa, and most of the content has been in Arabic.

More than 350 such accounts and pages have now been removed. It is rare for the social media giant to publicly link such activities toa government but the way terror funding and religious led propaganda is making the world a more unsafe world to be in, social media giants are rising up to their responsibility in the peacebuilding efforts of the world. Saudi Arabia has so far made no public comments on the issue.

Individuals have posed to be citizens of such countries and or created page that look like local news outlets, the spokesperson facebook has shared with the media.

The Mark Zuckerberg company has faced rising criticism for failing to stamp out misinformation on its platforms and is now going all out to gun activity down.

Further, media reports also confirm that they have suspended a separate – unconnected – operation, which originated in the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. However, at the moment, these cases, have not linked up to any officials.

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