Facebook ‘Privacy Settings’ Of the Users Remains Unsolved

Facebook has introduced some new policies regarding the user’s privacy. There has been an extensive change in the privacy settings of the facebook accounts of users. But there are some questions that are still unanswered by the Facebook authorities.

Here is a list of the questions that are unanswered by the PR team of Facebook.

Control over advertisements

Facebook already have a control over the advertisements that are shown in any user’s account. But it is not told by the authority whether they are planning to use the data of the user for advertising in different social media. They may help user understand the way the data is being used. But no such plans have been made to know the ways of data using.

Sharing data to other services

Facebook also has not mentioned about the policies whether the user can share their own data with other services that are owned by Facebook like Whatsapp and Instagram. It has been noted by the Electronic Frontier Foundation that there sharing data in other services can increase in the number of privacy concerns. The users are also concerned about the fact that Facebook can learn about the privacy communication habits of the users if their data is integrated with Whatsapp and Instagram.

Account deletion

The account deletion process is also unanswered Facebook. The users no longer need to send an email to the customer service for requesting them to delete your account. Facebook have introduced an online form for account deletion. But the problem is that the form is non-accessible from the app. Another problem is that the data remain on its services till 90 days after the request has been send to delete the Facebook account.

EU regulation force the changes

Facebook has been forced by the European Union to change its privacy policy and they are changing their position of the current data of the users of Facebook. They did not look in to the matter until it was forced by the European Union. However they have started to give the users more information about how they can save and control their information.


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