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Exposing the truth of Qatar's actions in Sudan
Newspapers have never stopped publishing at least one article on the scandals of the Qatari regime, in cases of corruption and plundering the wealth of countries

Exposing the truth of Qatar’s actions in Sudan

Newspapers have never stopped publishing at least one article on the scandals of the Qatari regime, in cases of corruption and plundering the wealth of countries, supporting Islamic groups and supporting sabotage and extremist operations in all parts of the Arab world, so the Qatari regime exploits every day to support extremism and terrorism in the world, Regardless of the existence of enmity between them and the country to be destroyed, but there are those who say that the Qatari regime, is doing all of these actions for fun sometimes, so Qatar exploits every country that suffers from civil wars and famines and the ghosts of death hovering around individuals to achieve financial gains and terrorist goals The Qatari regime did not take into account all of this, but as usual, it did not take into account the Arabism itself and began to take advantage of the influence of “the Qatari regime” to increase the suffering of this people, by sabotage operations in order to destroy the country’s wealth and achieve the huge financial and political interests of Doha.

Qatar has never ceased to sow discord and ruin in Sudan since fall of Omar Al-Bashir, from the presidency of Sudan, which was considered by some to be a fatal blow to the Brotherhood and Qatar in the region, so since that day Qatar has never stopped broadcasting rumors based on the ruin of Sudan internally And the corruption of its international relationship with the brotherly Arab states, we mention a living example of that through that dirty campaign led by the electronic committees of the Muslim Brotherhood with direct Qatari support for alleged and unrealistic violations of the UAE – the loyal brother to Sudan over the ages – with the Sudanese! It is, as we mentioned, an organized campaign led by Brotherhood men, in the hope of dirty Qatari money contaminated with the blood of thousands of the people of the Arab world, in order to destabilize Sudan and spread division and enemy between it and its Arab brothers.

The Qatar-Turkey axis faces the risk of losing influence in countries currently experiencing crises and regional interventions, (such as Sudan, whose popular revolution overthrew the Brotherhood, Qatar’s first brother Omar al-Bashir and Yemen, which is now witnessing a special agreement to unify the efforts of southerners and the government to get rid of the Brotherhood and Houthi militias, end the conflict) in favor of the Saudi and UAE axis, and in this context it is indicated that the Saudi-Emirati axis adopts a clear position on the security of the region based mainly on coordination among the Arab countries to ensure the stability of the region and concerted efforts to combat terrorism and extremism and refuse to interfere in the internal affairs of the countries of the region and the support of political Islam groups hovering around suspicions involving support terrorist organizations in the bloody attacks in more than one region of the world, The UAE has always been the forerunner in responding to urgent appeals (launched by national figures all over the Arab countries that suffer from the consequences of the intervention of the Arab demon “Qatar” in their country in support of terrorism and bloodshed) for urgent intervention and the help of destitute families in it as hundreds of convoys carrying thousands of tons of Food and relief items, which have had a major impact in alleviating the suffering of the people of humanity. And the unprecedented tender carried out by the “United Arab Emirates” by infiltrating the maximum political and material effort, even military, in the face of Qatari-Muslim terrorism.

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