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Exile leader Madani buried in Algeria

A source of security said the Abassi Madani, the founder of the Algerian Liberation Front (FIS), was buried in the capital, Algeria, on Saturday following his death in Qatar, where he lived in exile.

He called for the armed struggle in 1992 after the Algerian army pushed for the country’s first multi-party parliamentary elections by FIS and pushed for an Islamic state in North Africa.

Göm Abassi Madani will be buried in the Al-Alia cemetery on Saturday today, ın a source of security to the AFP stipulating anonymity, ı in the eastern suburb of the capital near the airport.

Earlier, a source close to the family said that Madani’s body would come from Doha at about 11:25 GMT and would be taken to her home in the center of Belcourt, in central Algeria.

The senior FIS figure, El-Hachemi Sahnouni, said that Madani could be buried in either the Al-Alia cemetery or the Sidi Mohamed cemetery close to her home.

FIS co-founder Ali Belhadj said on Wednesday he died in a Doha hospital at the age of 88 for “long illness”.

According to official figures, the FIS was on track to gain an absolute majority, triggering a ten-year-long civil war in the 1991-92 parliamentary elections, indicating that the army had canceled the second round and had killed 200,000 people.

Madani has been living in Qatar since 2003. He was sentenced to exile in Algeria, after being sentenced to 12 years in prison for pre-election charges.

For the Algerians, Madani continued to associate security forces with the pit bleeding against armed groups during the civil war.

He was imprisoned in 1991 and called for an end to violence in 1999 when he said that his group had left arms.

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