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Ex-FSA fighters chosen by Damascus to fight resistance in far northern Syria

ALEPPO, Syria — In the battles adjoin the armed action in the arctic Hama countryside, south of Idlib province, the Syrian administration is recruiting fighters of action factions who accept accommodated with Damascus in contempt years, some from the southern ambit of Daraa, Damascus and Quneitra, and others from Homs arena in axial Syria.

The Syrian government armament accepts recruited bags of fighters of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) factions who accept accomplished settlements with the administration in the areas area the action was defeated in 2017-18, namely in eastern Ghouta in Rif Dimashq and in the ambit of Daraa, Quneitra and Homs.

On May 27, the administration handed over the bodies of two above FSA fighters to their ancestors in Rastan in the arctic Homs countryside. They were dead in the battles of Hama and their bodies were placed in the government’s aggressive hospital in Hama afore getting delivered to the families.

Activist Yassin al-Qadah from Daraa arena told Al-Monitor that the regime’s armament accepts benefited abundantly from above FSA fighters in the accepted abhorrent in the north. The government armament generally put them in the beginning adjoin the opposition, he noted.

It is absolutely adverse for them to be angry adjoin us as accouterment of the regime, which puts them on the battlefront so they can try to defeat the action on its behalf. If they abort [and get killed], the administration would accept gotten rid of them and not ache their death.”

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