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Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining New Hopes for Human Rights in 2019
Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining New Hopes for Human Rights in 2019

Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining: New Hopes for Human Rights in 2019

2018 wasn’t the year of human rights in the US. Last year, the Human rights saw America taking part in an incessant bombing and military actions in the Islamic states that lead to severe collateral damage among civilians. When questioned, President Donald Trump claimed that the world is turning into a vicious place; hence, he cannot stop funding his ally Saudi Arabia to eliminate the IS jihadist fighters.
Further, the US in Syria and Iraq conducted 2600 airstrikes and military operation that displaced civilians and killed millions of them. The US moreover, moved out of the Human Rights Council and along with Eritrea and North Korea refused to participate in measures to protect civil rights. Now, even if the power held is less, the US Human Rights Council has been the central source of justice that ensured people got their rights.
Now, initially, the US even reported less number of civilian damages than they had done owing to their 2600 airstrikes. This infuriated members of the Human Right council who began to lose hope.
Only recently a just security board member Harold Koh in his book, The Trump Administration and International Law, points out certain facts which may deem hopeful for the HR Council in 2019.

As per the facts –
1. The Department of Defense in the US finally accepted the huge number of civilian lives lost owing to the fight led by the US coalition in Syria and Iran. Investigations conducted by the Human Rights
Watch and Amnesty International confirmed that the reports made by on the Civilian Casualty Reporting were inefficient. The number of killings was more and because of the US’s failure to provide evidence, a wrong set of information was provided.
2. The second good news provided was, that even though the US decided to currently pull out troops from Syria, the air force will still remain intact.
3. As per the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2019, steps will be taken to report civilian causalities more precisely. Further, measures will be undertaken to displace civilians beforehand in case of severe airstrikes.

So, in this way, 2018 had proven to be the year of patience and pain, but 2019 may bring in better hopes for the US Human Rights.

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