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Erdoğan’s Presence in Libya Is Simple Interference

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan seems least interested in mending the broken fence in Libya. In fact, his enthusiastic participation is coming across as interference in the long-standing civil war.

Erdoğan’s has been accused of supporting the Islamist militias that rule Tripoli by the Libyan National Army lead by Commander Khalifa Haftar.

The LNA believes that Turkey has been funding and arming Islamist factions in Libya fighting on the side of the GNA, a claim Turkey initially denied but has since accepted. This stance isn’t going to win Erdogan any appreciation but has only undermined his seriousness to create credible leadership in his home country, the place where he is still recovering from a bitter defeat at the mayoral elections.

The GNA, while having the legitimacy of international recognition by its side, in fact, has sadly used the rogue armed militias to defend itself. Therefore it is no surprise that they maintain close relations with groups close to the Muslim Brotherhood as well.

What is being apparent is that the Turkish President wants to have a place in GNA party, using his ruling Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) relations with groups close to the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya. The political analyst believes that Erdoğan thinks he is working in favor of Turkey, but in fact, he is benefiting his allegiance to the doctrinal brother’s armed groups, which would rather have the faction going than see the civil war end in Libya.

Erdogan, it seems is only working to show his power of influence in and outside Turkey. But what has really happened is that Erdogan has only come into foray only when there was an internal crisis. This has helped him ‘refurbish his public image many times by making up external crises he knew beforehand that he would win. This is how he politically survived internal crises.

By U.J.M

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