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Erdogan Might Be Favoring Terrorism Afterall

Turkey is becoming a new hurdle in restoring any kind of peaceful government in Syria. Under the leadership of Recap Tayyip Erdogan, It is now gradually being viewed as an indirect sponsor of terrorism. The West and NATO nations have been troubled with the way Erdogan led government is going on breaking the set guidelines and rules.

The West is now accusing Erdogan of using force to get its way through and not working out peaceful ways to restore a legitimate government in Syria. Its role in Libya is also an alarming sign of de-escalation of war-like conditions, to a place which had calmed down due to ardent efforts by the UN.

Turkey is also doing things to destabilize the already fragile balance between the NATO nations and Russia.

In his own way, Russian President Vladimir Putin has termed Erdogan as “accomplices of terrorists”. It seems that under the aegis of Erdogan, Turkey has been allowing oil and artifacts looted by Islamic State to flow across its border in one direction, while giving a passage way to foreign jihadists, cash and arms to travel in the other. Russia has sounded a diplomatic distaste to this madness.

Indeed, Erdogan has been using the Syrian conflict to forward his own agenda of power. It has been trying to work in Syria to show itself off as someone who is trying to oust Russian. But Moscow had thawed its hope for such a power tussle.

In constantly fighting the Kurdish Democratic Union Party, Turkey has been indirectly promoting the growth of ISIS, a jihadist force that the whole world is uniting to fight against. It is time that Turkey understood where there is a better chance of saving its face and not come across as so confused and irrational.

Even if Erdogan does not mean to support terrorism, in a way, he actually is, as he turns to wipe out the Kurdish forces that continue to fight to overthrown ISIS. The Kurdish forces have therefore been receiving support from the US and other Western countries. It was bad call as US withdrew support from the Kurdish forces leaving it to fend for themselves. That makes things easier for Erdogan. But that does not mean, he becomes another Bin Laden in the making who is somehow hell bent to increase his own caliphate.

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