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Eminent Human Rights Lawyer Detained in Iran Again

Nasrin Sotoudeh, who is an eminent human rights lawyer of Iranian origin, had been detained by the security forces. The statement has been made by her family members. Reza Khandan, her husband stated that she was arrested from their house in Tehran and was taken to Evin prison which is a notorious lockup located just outside the city.

Khandan had mentioned that once during the interrogation session, he had asked the interrogators that out of all the services that the government provides for its citizens, they carry out the part of arresting people diligently. Khandan’s post did not provide specific details regarding her arrest and hence it is not known why she had been arrested.

In Iran, Sotoudeh is well-known for her defense in human rights. Recently she had represented a young woman who was arrested in December 2017 for removing her hijab during anti-regime protests. Following her, other women also discarded their headscarves to protest against the country’s mandatory veiling laws. The international human rights organizations criticized her arrest and called for the immediate release of the prominent lawyer.

Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East director at Human Rights Watch claimed that Nasrin Sotoudeh is a champion in human rights and she should be applauded instead of being jailed. She has made numerous tireless defenses to protect the rights of the citizens. She states that the judiciary had revealed to the citizens and to the world that it is scared of the people who seek to protect human rights.

In 2010, Sotoudeh had been sentenced to 11 years in prison after she has defended the Iranians detained after the 2009 elections. She was charged with working against national security and her sentence was reduced to six years. She is a strong voice for rule of law and justice in Iran.

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