Eid Ceasefire Provided Wide Support to the Afghan Taliban

The Afghan Taliban had stated that their three-day Eid ceasefire had ensured the unity of theor movement and portrayed the wide national support. The Presidential palace had also extended its own ceasefire with the Taliband by 10 days. The Taliban fighters entered the cities across Afghanistan in order to celebrate Eid. The ceasefire marked the end of hostilities and the militants spent the weekend over hugs, feats and selfies. The main question in the mind of the militants is what would happen after the ceasefire ends on Sunday night.

The Taliban militants had mentioned that Mujahideen were ordered to continue their fight against the foreign invaders and their internal puppets just like before. The announcement and implementation of ceasefire and welcoming of the Mujahideen by the people portray that the demands of the nation and the Islamic Emirate are similar. Both of them want the foreign invaders to withdraw and they desire the establishment of an Islamic government.

Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani had mentioned that the enemies used to propagate that 20 separate groups operate against them in Afghanistan or the Islamic Emirates is not unified and cohesive. He claims that it has become very clear that the assertion does not have any base. He had also mentioned that he would be extending the ceasefire by 10 days.

His decision has been criticized by many because they feel that it will provide the opportunity to the Taliban to flow into different cities in the country. The militants had claimed that they would be withdrawing on Sunday, but a large section of the people does not have much faith on the words of the militants. Sohrab Qaderi, provincial council member of Nangarhar province in the east mentioned that he had witnessed several Taliban motorcycles and vehicles leaving the city.


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