Don’t Change Your Seat without the Consent of the Flight Attendant

Don’t Change Your Seat without the Consent of the Flight Attendant

There are many hazards that take place inside a flight that cause difficulty for the flight attendants. But some of the most annoying things that they deal with are sneaking, swiping, stealing and the most common switching of plane seats. These are the four things that cause a headache for the attendants of the flight.

Problems of changing seats

The changing of seats inside the flight causes many problems for the co passengers. Still many attendants allow them to change seats according to their convenience.  According to a flight attendant of a major US flight, most of them do not mind when the passengers wish to change their seats with other passengers. But they must change the seat in their own class whether it is economy class or business class. There are still some off-limits for the flights to change the seats.

Rules of the airlines

The change of seats mainly depends on the airline whether they will allow them to change the seats or not. Some Airline companies allow passengers to pick their convenient seat before they start boarding the flight. But in situations where passengers look to sit in another place than the seat they been assigned to can create a chaos quickly.

Chaos inside the flight

Sometimes people take up on their own which seat to choose and where to sit which is not possible often. The flight attendants make the passengers sit in their own assigned seat until the person who was supposed to be seated there shows up. When the passengers come and see someone seating on the place, it creates more confusion in the entire boarding process.  The passengers try to solve it on their own and as a result create a mess inside the flight.

Right time to select your seat

The perfect time to switch the flight seats is online before boarding the flight at the airport. It must be followed by meeting the agents who have given you the ticket prior to boarding. It is easier to shift your place when the seats are empty and the passengers have not boarded yet. Once you have boarded the plane, the final verdict will be given by the flight attendant. In other words, if you request nicely you might just get that perfect seat of your choice.


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