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Donald Trump says he wants Iran to get out of Yemen

On Tuesday, the US President Donald Trump said we made tons of progress with Iran and that he was not searching for regime change in Tehran, yet said the US needed Iran to “get out of Yemen.”

Trump, who made these comments at a Cabinet meeting in the White House, did not provide insights concerning the progress. However, Mike Pompeo, US secretary of state said in the conference, Iran had said it was interested in negotiating about its rocket program.

“Tons of advancement has been made. We’ll see what will happen. However,  we have made a great deal of progress lately,” Iran’s nuclear deal concurred under  Barack Obama was too fragile even to consider preventing Tehran from creating atomic bombs. “They can’t have an atomic weapon. We need to support them. We’ll respect them; we’ll work with them. We’ll help them in any capacity we can, yet they can’t have an atomic weapon. We’re not looking, incidentally, for system change. They can’t test ballistic missiles.” Trump stated in the press conference.

Mike Pompeo said in the Cabinet meeting at the White House that Iran had flagged it was ready to consult about its ballistic missiles. “The Iranian regime is striving to make sense of what they will do with their economy since we’ve been effective,”

Pompeo added that the Iranians have said for the first time that they’re ready to discuss missile program. Hopefully, I trust we will have a chance to keep on executing our strategy effectively. It will be a chance for us to negotiate an agreement that will prevent Iran from testing an atomic weapon.”

By Grace Young

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