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akbar al baker

Doha tourism chief says there is no visa for the country’s ‘enemies’

Qatar, the secretary-general of the National Tourism Council, will not give visas to those whom he considers being enemies, referring to the Egyptians wishing to enter the country after an ongoing political rift.

The Egyptians, the largest Arab minority in Qatar, formed a large part of the labor force of the small but wealthy country.

In June 2017, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, and Egypt were riddled with establishing diplomatic relations with Qatar and supporting terrorism.

The blockade saw Qatar’s land borders and airspace closed.

Speaking at an event to support a summer tourism campaign, the tourist council, Akbar El-Baker, said that Qatar would not allow them to participate in the promotion of the tourism industry by entering the country of Egyptians.

The visa will not be open to our enemies – it will be open to our friends, – said Baker. Mı Are the visas open for us to go there? No. So why not open it for them? Everything is mutual. “

Qatar did not say he would expel the Egyptians living in the country and commented that comments do not propose a policy change that could jeopardize their situation.

Many Egyptians say the visa process has been effectively closed down since 2017, with residents outside their family members and exceptions to specially approved events.

Al-Baker came under fire in June 2018, when he said he could not do his job as a woman’s CEO of Qatar Airways CEO.

Airline group Speaking at a press conference following the International Air Transport Association (IATA) meeting, women were asked about the issue of women’s employment in the Middle East and why a woman could not do her job as CEO.

He said: Of course it needs to be managed by a man because it’s a very difficult situation.

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