Deaths Due to Terrorist Attacks Are Declining

An international study has found that the deaths due to terrorism are on the decline. The sixth global terrorism index, however, has found another threat. According to the study, the violence due to right-wing political views is on the rise. The study which has been conducted by a non-profit organization of Australia is known as Economics and peace. According to the assessment, the number of death due to terrorist attacks has declined for the third consecutive year. The act of terrorism, however, is still going strong.
Among the 163 countries and territories on which the study was conducted, 67 have recorded more than one death due to terrorist attacks. 98 countries have recorded at least one attack during the period over which the study was conducted. The study also indicated that a small number of countries are bearing the major number of deaths. According to the study, five countries, i.e. Iraq, Nigeria, Afghanistan, Syria and Somalia, have recorded more than 1000 deaths in 2017. Contrarily, 19 countries have recorded more than 100 deaths as a result of such attacks.
The reports also indicated the improvement that Syria made. The researches have speculated that due to the dwindling strength of Islamic State Group, the death toll slipped to 1000.

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