Deadly Attack on Libya’s Foreign Ministry: ISIS Took the Responsibility

ISIS suicide attackers stormed the Foreign Ministry of Libya on Tuesday. The terrorist group has claimed the responsibility for this deadly assault in Tripoli. According to the latest source, 3 people including a senior diplomat have been killed in this attack.

A spokesperson for the United Nations-backed Government of National Accord has revealed that the building was intruded by three gunmen in the morning. They exploded a car near the ministry to distract the security forces from their duty. No sooner than they went to the spot, the gunmen entered the premise to conduct the execution.

One of the men was a suicide bomber, and he blew himself up on the building’s 2nd floor. The second terrorist died with the explosion of the suitcase which he was carrying with him. The third unarmed attacker was killed by the security forces.

Apart from casualties, around 21 men are wounded as said by the health ministry. This jihadist group claimed that the three gunmen were the ‘soldiers of the caliphate’ armed with automatic weapons and suicide belts. Since the killing of MoamerKadhafi in 2011, the country has become a soft spot for the IS group.

However, the Foreign Minister Mohamed Siala has voiced that no attacks can discourage their spirit. He also mentioned that the ministry staff putting their lives on risk will continue to serve the country and countrymen.

Even a special representative of the secretary general said that under any circumstance terrorism will not triumph over the Libyans. The authority made it clear, attacks committed by any committed terrorist groups will be strictly scrutinized. Hence, a special troop has been deployed for determining the circumstances of the attack. Immediate actions will be taken by the ones who are behind this attack.

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