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Qatar Promotes Itself Through Bought Media

Recent news is doing rounds that Qatar is resorting to buying media space, in certain online portals, in order to create supportive propaganda around its existence and to shield its promotion of terrorist activities worldwide.

According to media reports, Qatar is consistently taking part in “information warfare”. It is known to have been paying a vast network of lobbyists, as well as funding media outlets and think tanks, especially in America according. This has been made implicit in a new film “Blood Money,” about Doha’s attempts to sway political opinion in the US.

In other instances, Doha has been financing the Brooking Institutions since 2013 and has received almost $17million. Post that, the Qatari regime could enjoy many academic papers written, justifying its connections worldwide with terrorist groups. The explanation given was that Qatar is busy having peace dialogue to avert terrorist activities.

Apparently, the conservative pro newspaper, Washington Times has also published a special section of articles that spoke in praise of Qatar and were termed as sponsored pieces. The Times never responded on who had actually sponsored such open propaganda. This has come as a surprise for the simple reason that the conservative paper has never been pro-Middle Eastern State and indulged in printing sponsored pieces.

There are other institutions, apart from many American universities (including public colleges) that are also being used for Qatar’s propaganda. It is merely money which makes things work here. Qatar is also being using people who are out of the ambit of the Left.

The most prominent (and curious) example that received some public attention in the last few years has been the offers of cash and travel invitations presented to leading American Jewish organizations since 2017. The Zionist Organization of America was widely denounced in Jewish media after it initiallyacceptedQatar’s invitations and funding. Doha thought, incorrectly it seems, that it could both fund Hamas and win American Jewish support.

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