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A dark day for Kabul as suicide bomber kills 50
A dark day for Kabul as suicide bomber kills 50

A dark day for Kabul as suicide bomber kills 50

On prophet Mohammad’s birth anniversary Kabul witnesses a dark day, as a suicide bomber blows himself up killing 50 men. According to reports by government officials more than 80 people were injured in the Uranus wedding hall with 40 individuals still hanging on to dear lives.
The event stirred the entire nation up as it occurred during the auspicious festival of Eid Milad-un-Nabi. According to Islamic scriptures, suicide attacks are considered deplorable and are forbidden in the Quran. Hence, the act of suicide bombing observed on that holy day was a direct form of rebellion shown by what’s speculated to be a militant group.
The Kabul Government suspected the hands of Islamic State affiliate or the Sunni Taliban group to be involved in the attack. Following older records, the Sunni group had attacked Kabul soil and the Shi’ite Muslim religious shrines numerous times.
However, presently the Taliban claimed they had no part in the attack and instead condemned the loss of human lives.
Following the course of events, a flabbergasted Kabul government marked the eve of the incident a dark day. Ashraf Ghani, the president of Kabul declared a national holiday consequent to the attack to mourn for the lives lost.
Presently, steps are being taken by the government prevent further terror attacks by militant groups. However, with the withdrawal of the NATO combat groups, the endeavor is becoming quite difficult.
The officials are working to end the war, but security breaches are increasing rapidly.
The Kabul government is slowly falling from grace by loosing out on territories. Previously it governed almost 72% of Afghan territory. However, the war resulted in leaving the Kabul with only 56% of the remaining land.
Hence, if Kabul doesn’t take serious action soon, the number of terror attacks are speculated to rise.

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