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Displaced Syrians queue for water next to a tank at Al-Hol camp

Daesh Families Left to Fend For Themselves In Al Hol Campin Syria

It is not just refugees in the detention center, but even those survived after the overthrowing of the Daesh fighters in Syria, are being mistreated. Reports have come in that instances of stabbing guards, stoning aid workers and even flying the Daesh group’s black flag in plain sight has become a normal phenomenon at the Syrian camp at Al-Hol.

In desperation, the wives and children of the so-called ‘caliphate’ are now having to stay by the extremists in a desperate Syrian camp.

It is coming to light that families of Daesh fighters are among70,000 people that are currently crammed into the Kurdish-run Al-Hol camp in northeastern Syria. Apart from the risk to life daily, women have also complained of ‘poor medical assistance, a lack of aid, and any facility to air the tents that are fuming like furnaces.’

It seems that some Daesh supporters are instrumental in carrying out such a crime that is creating unrest. They have been systematically attacking Kurdish security forces guarding the camp as well.

In March, Daesh’s ‘caliphate’ was finally defeated. Later, tens of thousands of people, mostly women, and children have trucked to Kurdish-run camps in northeast Syria during the weeks-long campaign that saw the blow-up of the Daesh nexus. While Daesh extremist levied atrocities against the innocent, their families are left to fend for themselves. Currently, in total, some 12,000 foreigners — 4,000 women and 8,000 children — are living in such camps, according to Kurdish authorities.

Syrian and Iraqi women are allowed to roam the camp freely. But some high-risk prisoners are escorted by armed guards when they want to go to the camp’s market or receive aid rations. There are factions in the camp as well. “They see us as enemies, and that creates problems,” said Amer Ali, the head of the Asayesh force, adding that some women have tried to flee.

Daesh children have animosity as they are being trained to have so. Kurdish authorities have repeatedly warned that the children of extremists need urgent rehabilitation. They are being termed as “time bombs” that need urgent defusing.

Without rehabilitation and reintegration, these children could become future “terrorists,” Kurdish authorities have warned.

While Daesh rule has ended, the supporters “remain attached to their ideology, and they will always represent a danger,” general consensus says. Speaking to one of the media agencies was Umm Abdelaziz, a 20-year-old Syrian from Damascus who expressed her fury because she has had no news about her husband who was arrested a few months ago after leaving Baghouz. “For us, death is more valuable than this humiliating life,” she said. In Baghouse “we were prosperous, we had money, but there were burn in the flames of hell.”

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