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6 houTurkey short of test kits for coronavirus
Turkey struggles to get coronavirus kits after Erdogan sent 500.000 test kits to the US

Coronavirus. Turkey struggles to test its citizens after Erdogan sent 500.000 test kits to the US

Turkey, after reporting the first case nearly two weeks ago, now records over 3600 cases and 75 deaths. Sure of God’s help, the fanatic Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan sent half a million coronavirus test kits to the United States last week and is now struggling to test his citizens for the disease. Doctors already warn that the country has reached a crossroads in containing the rapidly growing epidemic. Since the beginning of the crisis, underestimated by the head of the Muslim Brotherhood Erdogan, a spike of 3,629 cases has exceeded rates in most other countries and the government has experienced conduct 10,000 tests per day. In interviews with Reuters, experts urged restraint orders to stay home and some said it was risky for Ankara to export 500,000 test kits to the United States just to turn and order another million from China.

“Our test numbers are low. We were certainly not prepared. Countries that are ready must have a large number of tests,” said Sinan Adiyaman, president of the Turkish Association of Physicians (TTB). The government said it had taken timely measures to delay the epidemic, but thousands of citizens to get now are sick risking also to infect neighboring countries. Adiyaman said that Turkey has been slow on some steps, including the suspension of sports championships and the quarantine of those who come from abroad, especially the thousands who returned this month from the Umrah pilgrimage.”About 200,000 people came back from the outbreak of the epidemic and were subjected to a simple fever test and released uncontrolled across Turkey”, she said. “You can’t fight a pandemic in this way.” She added stressing that the numbers released by the government are not real because of the lack of tests in many Turkish hospitals

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