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Bombing Attack

Constructive Leadership Lost in Somalia Mayor Loses His Life In A Suicide Bombing Attack

The mayor of Mogadishu, Abdirahman Omar Osman has succumbed to a suicide bombing attack on him. The attack has openly been done by Al Shabab in his offices, shared the Somalian government with the media. Further, six of his colleagues were also killed in the attack, and nine members of his staff wounded.

Mayor Osman had been airlifted to Qatar, along with nine other injured people, for treatment after the attack.

Al Shabaab, the Qaeda-linked Islamist militant group has taken responsibility for the bombing. They simply aim to topple Somalia’sUnited Nations-backed government. While the militants have lost territory they continue to relentlessly campaign for their turf by carrying out such bombings and assassinations.

It seems the attack was meant to hit James Swan, the new United Nations envoy to Somalia. The suicide bomber was a woman. But Swan had a narrow escape as he left the office minutes before the bombing.

Strangely, the bomber managed to enter the mayor’s office that requires visitors to pass through at least four metal detectors. Mr. Osman consciously loved back to his worn-torn country, having held the position of a councilor in London to enter local politics and help rebuild Somalia.

Many knew Mr. Osman as Engineer Yarisow (or “the young engineer”) because of his determined efforts to clean up the city and construct roads from the rubble. It is known that he was in the middle of constructing Mogadishu streets and roads and that Mr. Osman had always spoken out against militancy.

He also consistently worked to bring prosperity to Somalia, something that has never gone well with the Al Shabab. Further, the mayor had introduced more measures to intercept potential car bombs and had tried to find land, shelter and jobs for those fleeing the conflict, said the British ambassador to Somalia, Ben Fender.

This again seems to bring back Somalia to the war state with constructive leadership wiped out in one go.

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