During Christmas Day Smuggling Bid 40 Refugees Arrested from Channel

The overwhelming numbers showing up in just one day follows over 100 migrants being saved while aiming to cross the English Channel in November and December,  before this week’s rush in attempted crossings.

Authorities spent the Christmas festivity with calls to five different situations involving migrants introducing themselves as Iraqi, Iranian and Afghan nationals on 25th December Tuesday.

Forty migrants, which include children, had traversed the Channel towards Britain on Christmas Day and were being headed by people smugglers.

Border Force officials accelerated their efforts to handle the activities of criminal gang who took privilege of the Christian holiday, with three more immigrants arrested during the night.

The crossings accompany a number of migrant rescues taking place in the past few months which involves people trying to tour across the Channel to Britain. On Tuesday afternoon, the Home Office stated that Border Force has stopped a number of boats carrying immigrants trying to cross the Channel overnight and this morning, and Border Force has stationed resources to deal with this situation.

The Home Office also stated that they are working closely with French and other law enforcement partners in order to aim this criminal gang, who are putting the life of helpless people at risk.

Individually, a Border Force cutter was arranged at 5.50am to the Channel to help a boat that was roving towards the UK with seven men and a woman on it.

All of those involved were sent for a medical assessment and the adults have been transferred to immigration officials in order to be questioned. The children will be kept under the care of social services.

In another similar incident, in French waters, nine immigrants were saved and are now in the UK after the engine of their vessel malfunctioned.

Border Force officials were being backed by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency after being called to an incident in the Channel before 9.20am involving two people in a small boat travelling towards the UK.

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