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China Joins the Race of Counter Drone Technology and Laser Weapons

China is trying to catch up with the United States in the field of unmanned aerial vehicle technology. China is looking forward to developing counter drone systems and laser weapons so that they can make improvements in their intelligence and attack skills.

According to military analysts, China is also looking forward to protecting its drones so that they are less susceptible to lasers and spoofing methods that send false information to UAVs. One system which is under progress is Silent Hunter. It is a portable drone killing laser weapon that can fire up to 4KM and was displayed during the defense conference in Abu Dhabi.

The company behind the Chinese counter drone system stated that it could penetrate five layers of 2mm thick steel plates from a distance of 800mm.  Or, it could pierce 5mm pates from a distance of 1km. However, experts suggest that the anti-drone system used by the US is even more advanced as it comes with a wider ranged and many sensing technologies.

The US has got over 60 counter-drone systems or other products that m makes use of radar, electro-optical, radio frequency, and acoustic detecting and tracking in order to catch enemy drones and prevent them to enter by hijacking the communication link or simply by destroying them with lasers.

Its latest addition is a high-power microwave counter-drone system. It’s basically a laser weapon which is usually carried by aircraft and it can target and shoot airborne drones. The attacking power is very high than the ground-based weapons or handheld weapons.

Meanwhile, China has less than 20 such systems and it totally depends on traditional means, such as radar for detecting drones.  However, it doesn’t have any devices or nets to counter incoming UAVs. China also makes use of jamming systems in order to counter the drones.

Lately, China is looking forward to join the race of using counter-drone technology. For this, they are looking out for companies and organization such as China National Nuclear Corporation, the Beijing Institute of Technology etc.

According to analysts, it is probable that smaller start-ups can come up with solutions for this matter.

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