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CES 2018: What to Expect From the Biggest Tech Show of the Year?
CES 2018: What to Expect From the Biggest Tech Show of the Year?

CES 2018: What to Expect From the Biggest Tech Show of the Year?

The Consumer Electronics Show 2018 will unveil some unique and new technologies. You can come across self-driven taxis to luggage-carrying robots at the event. This event will be held in Las Vegas and numerous companies throughout the globe will be present to get the details about the new ideas. The advancement in technology can completely change the gadgets which are being widely used.

This year’s event is expected to be interesting because it will give an idea about where technology is heading and how the new technologies can be incorporated in the lives of man. Last year’s CES witnessed the birth of autonomous vehicles, virtual reality and artificial intelligence. This year’s show will provide details about how reliable and practical these technologies will be.

By going through the points mentioned below, you can get an idea about what you can expect to see at the CES, 2018.

Virtual Reality

In August 2017, the first ever mind-controlled VR game was introduced. The VR companies will portray to the masses the importance of technology. The creators of the HTC Vive headset will be present at the event. It is expected that some new announcements regarding hardware will be made.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is expected to be more popular and practical because AR is much easier to use. It can provide the best experiences on the smart phones. A lot of interest and excitement has been observed regarding Magic Leap’s hardware. CES will be the ideal stage to launch the large scale AR hardware.

Autonomous Vehicles

Jim Hackett, the CEO of Ford will be delivering a key note address at the CES 2018. It is expected that there will be some discussions related to vehicles and the future of transportation. Nissan is using the CES platform to demonstrate the Brain-to-vehicle technology. Many companies will be promoting their autonomous transportation and self-driving technology.


The 5G technology is being tested and it is expected to be launched in 2018. It will enhance the experience of the user and the CES 2018 platform will be used to discuss the improvement that will be caused by using 5G.


The robots which will be introduced in the CES will be used to enhance the life of man by making their tasks easier. The robots A18, 3E and 3E-B18 have been developed while keeping various aspects in mind. These robots will aid humans by providing companionship and can be used as a mobile chair, mobile storage and off-road vehicle.

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