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America Signs Enhanced Immunity Agreement With Morocco


Morocco is being supported by the US over immunity grants to its citizens. Signing off an agreement over a video teleconference, the agreement was signed by Moroccan foreign minister Naseer Bourita and the US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo. According to the bilateral Enhanced Immunities Agreement, each party shall grant …

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Are Algeria And Turkey Turnings Friends Over Libya?


Algeria’s relations with Turkey are warming up at lightning speed. This has become even more clear as the newly but self elected Algerian President Abdelmadjid Tebboune roped in the emerging Middle Eastern powerhouse Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan. Algeria’s president has been able to secure a favour over a phone call …

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Amidst the pandemic, displaced Yazidis return home


Hundreds of Yazidi families are returning to Sinjar, with life on the outside becoming untenable due to the pandemic. Six years since the Islamic State killed, captured and drove out Yazidis from their hometown of Sinjar, some families are making their return. But Sinjar, which suffered greatly in the occupation …

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Coronavirus lockdown could fuel terrorist radicalization


Coronavirus lockdowns could radicalize more terror suspects, the EU’s police agency “Europol” warned ON June 23rd. Europol director Catherine De Bolle said as she unveiled the organisation’s latest terrorism trends report that the pandemic’s worldwide economic and social impacts could escalate existing discontent.“Activists both on the extreme left and right …

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Tunisians protest for more jobs, development


The protests have been spreading across southern Tunisia, where unemployment levels are high and infrastructure is poor. In Tataouine, the heart of Tunisia’s petroleum wealth, no one considers themselves properly employed unless they are in the lucrative oil & gas sector. But those jobs are scarce and the wealth from …

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Lebanon Jams Food Aid Route For Syrian Refugees


The United Nations has refuted any claims to withdrawing support or winding up operations in Lebanon. It has termed discussions over social media about UN asking its employees to ready their passports are speculative as well. Strangely, and for the first time since 2011, two World Food Programme (WFP) trucks …

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US indicts Venezuelan lawmaker under narco-terrorism charges


According to federal prosecutors, Adel El Zabayar travelled to the Middle East to recruit fighters from Hamas and Hezbollah in order to form a terrorist cell to attack the USA. Prosecutors from the US Attorney’s Office in New York charged a 56-year-old Venezuelan lawmaker for participating in narco-terrorism activities. The …

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Hezbollah chief: “Israel cannot impose conditions on Lebanon, even behind an American mask”


In occasion of the 20 years anniversaryof Israel withdraw from southern Lebanon,Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah has mocked Israel’s new Defense Minister Benny Gantz.On Tuesday, the Lebanese Shiite terror group Hezbollah leader rejected a US request to authorize a United Nations peacekeeping force watching the border with Israel. Hezbollah’s head Hassan …

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Resurgence of Lebanon protests amid deteriorating economy


While the Lebanese Republic was already suffering from prolonging economic and financial crises, the Coronavirus pandemic has added to the woes of the government after the imposition of lockdown to curtail the pandemic spread. As the already ravaged economy further deteriorated due to nationwide shutdowns, hundreds of agitated protestors carried …

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