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Cases of Human Rights Violation Pull Qatar Royal Family To Court

In a shocking incident, Sheikh Khalid Bin Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, the brother of the ruler of the oil-rich nation of Qatar has been slapped with a lawsuit for forcing his American security staffer to murder two people. Al Thani furthered also ordered him to hold another American captive.

The sheik is also known to have asked his around-the-clock media to monitor the sheik’s vitals during 36-hour-long benders. He was held captive in a compound, threatened with a gun and ultimately jumped from an 18-foot wall to escape.

These instances are greatly coinciding with other cases of maltreatment and atrocities committed by the Emir of Qatar’s royal family against civilians and people of other nationalities. Media sources have confirmed that the security guard’s name is Matthew Pittard, a resident of Florida, while the medic Matthew Allende, is a Californian resident.

Both worked for Khalid in BeverlyHills and would travel with him regularly to Qatar and London. Between July 7 and 10, it is further confirmed that Sheikh Khalid held an American citizen captive in his own residence on the pretext of feeling a threat against his life and reputation.

The American citizen was later transported to the Onaiza Police Station in Doha, Qatar from where he has been rescued at the behest of Pittard and the American embassy.

However, accounts given by both Pittard and Allende bring to light the kind of slave mentality with which the Qatar Royal family continues to function and treat other working in Qatar. Both have admitted to less sleep, food and rest. Both have complained of low wages and that Khalid ignored American labor laws, caused personal injury and retaliated.

The suit also names Geo Strategic Defense Solutions LLC, and KH Holding LLC, two companies associated with Khalid.

Qatar’s Royal Family is also known to hold many other captives if they didn’t adhere to their tradition and demands. Also, Qatar continues to spend huge amounts of money on public relations and influence campaigns in order to cover-up its tracks and heinous violation of human rights. As a part of the same strategy, it has provided undisclosed trips to Democratic congressmen, given$1 billion to American universities, and owns Al Jazeera, one of the largest producers of progressive viral videos on Facebook.

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