Car Explosion Kills 14 at Somali Capital

On Thursday, the officials of Somali said that, in the capital city of Somalia, Mogadishu a bomb blast in a car has killed 14 people and wounded 10. Captain Mohamed Hussein said that the blast took place on the busy road of Makka Almukarramah, near the Weheliye hotel. Traders and passers-by were the main casualties. The security ministry spokesman, Abdulaziz Hildhiban announced the death toll to media.

Al-Shabab was held responsible for the blast. This group often attacks the posh localities of Mogadishu which has numerous hotels and checkpoints. In October, a similar incident took place where a blast occurred in a truck which killed 512 people. This incidents was hailed as the deadliest attack ever made on the country. There have been very few attacks since 9/11 which has killed so many many, this attack was one of those.

Exactly one month before, two explosions two place in cars in the city of Mogadishu which shattered the normal life of the city for a month. The explosion killed 21 people.

The nations on the Horn of Africa still struggles to counter the attacks made by the Islamic terror groups. There are concerns over plans that, the security of the country will be transferred to Somalia’s forces as the African Union forces which have nearly 21,000 men are withdrawing themselves from this region. The withdrawal will be completed by 2020.

Efforts against Al-Shabab has been taken by the US military which includes drone strikes. US said that the forces in Somali are not ready.


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