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Car Bomb Explosion Kills 20 in Colombian Capital Bogotá
Car Bomb Explosion Kills 20 in Colombian Capital Bogotá

Car Bomb Explosion Kills 20 in Colombian Capital, Bogotá

A car bomb explosion in front of a Colombian police academy in Bogotá on Thursday morning killed at least 20 people and injured more than 50. Thursday’s attack reminded the high-profile assaults connected with the gory chapters of the nation’s guerrilla war and drug battle. In fact, it aroused fears of a return of the nation’s violent history.
After the mid-morning blast, the scene outside the General Santander police academy was anarchic, with helicopters and ambulances rushing to the spot which usually remains under tight control. According to some witnesses, a loud explosion was heard outside the General Santander National Police Academy in the south of the capital after a car rammed into the grounds of the academy.
Images showed that the impact of the blast was so great that it destroyed the windows of the adjoining buildings. Also, the streets were blackened, and some buildings were blemished with shrapnel. It was seen that police officers were strolling the site of the academy in a confused state.
Authorities are yet to identify the group who is behind the attack. However, it is being assumed that leftist rebels from the National Liberation Army and ELN might be behind the attack. Both these groups have increased their assault on police targets in Colombia amidst a deadlock with the conservative Duque government on how to revive the halted peace talks.
Thursday’s bombing being the cruellest in the capital since the blast at the up-market Andino shopping mall which took place in 2017 June, which killed three people. However, during Thursday’s attack, a Panamanian and an Ecuadorian national has been killed.
Colombian President Iván Duque referred to the bomb attack as a “crazy terrorist act” against unarmed cadets and stated that he had instructed police and the military to hunt down the public enemy and must be punished and tried in court. Bogotá mayor, Enrique Peñalosa, in his tweet expressed his solidarity with the police officers who faced the terrorist act.
Colombia’s attorney general Néstor Humberto Martínez stated that the police had recognized the car’s driver as José Aldemar Rojas Rodriguez, who was also among the list of dead people.

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