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Britain’s Hezbollah revelations are part of Iran’s apprehension concern

MI5 and Metropolitan Police in the UK revealed the basics of Hezbollah’s plots when they raided four districts in London in September 2015, according to a shocking report from The Telegraph.

Although the report later received information about the raid, Prime Minister David Cameron and his home secretary Theresa May said, He was hidden from the public.

This fits the model of disturbing attempts to ensure that intelligence and law enforcement agencies meet with the cold shoulder only at the political level to monitor Hezbollah’s global activities. This may be part of an attempt by Western countries to fuel Iran’s goodness with the regime and underestimate the depth of Iran’s penetration into foreign countries.

In 2008, the US Drug Enforcement Administration began investigating Hezbollah’s drug trade, according to an article in Politico in 2018. Thirty US and foreign security agencies participated. They mapped a global trade from South America to Africa and the Middle East, linking them to the inner circle of Hezbollah and state sponsors in Iran ”.
However, researchers began to encounter a problem from the top levels of the Obama administration. The US wanted to change its relations with Iran and put forward the Iran Agreement. Therefore, the US felt that Iran, like Hezbollah, should be more flexible with its allies. The Politico report said former CIA director John Brennan believes that Hezbollah should “get more assimilation into Lebanon’s political system.”

Instead of confronting Hezbollah’s involvement in the illicit drug trade, the United States started a different course. While the US acknowledges that Hezbollah has “worrying” parts, it wants to reduce this impact and try to create more moderate elements ”. Similarly, in the UK article, a terrorist organization, the armed wing ’of Hezbollah in the United Kingdom, waited until February 2019 to see the whole organization in this way. In Britain, raids on alleged bomb-making sites were quietly closed, and apparently released suspects were “undermined by senior officials in the United States, the global Hezbollah drug trafficking hunt.

The question about the timing opens the question of whether the operation was closed due to the agreement. But was the agreement already made during the raid? Was it quiet to protect the agreement and not to embarrass the signers? Was the raid done until after the signature? It is not clear. Or was the stock a result of the deal? Iran said it wants the agreement to do what it wants now.

In January 2016, Politico said that Hezbollah had issued a suspect in response to five kidnapped Czechs. European countries also detained Hezbollah members in connection with drug trafficking in the same years.

Iran also assassinated opponents in Europe between 2015-2017, argued that he thought he could do whatever he wanted with the agreement. The EU finally spoke of these events in January. However, there were more areas connecting Iran in France, the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark. The Netherlands also recalled an ambassador in March.

In addition, there is further evidence of the Iranian agreement’s role in alleviating US pressure on the Assad regime. In addition to how Iran received a $ 1.8 billion cash payment from the agreement that Iran sent a pallet to Iran through the dispute and the role of the agreement in increasing tension between Israel and Iran and Saudi Arabia, the agreement is getting more complicated with every revelation. For example, what was the role of the agreement in strengthening Assad’s war against the Syrian rebels and in strengthening the clash with Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen?

Revelations in Britain are another light point of an otherwise opaque cloud that suspended the Iranian agreement. Why did so much effort for the Western powers to make this agreement? Given the traces of Iran and its ongoing behavior in Europe – between Iran and its deputies – why do Western governments become even more blushing after 2015?

In addition, in each story in the United Kingdom, as it is now, questions remain about the efforts to obtain information from the public, the media and even the members of parliament in different countries.

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