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Britain Plans to Send A Third Without Any Worry IranianThrea

While Iran continues to threaten to act upon Britain’s initial action, the latter is planning to send a third Royal Navy warship to the Gulf.

Earlier in the month, UK Royal Marines had helped Gibraltar authorities detain an Iranian tanker that the United States officials believe was trying to deliver oil to Syria, an act considered to be against the international trade laws.

Iran had denied any such charges then. Britain now plans to send a third Royal Navy warship to the Gulf, and defense minister has said that it does not see a looming threat by Tehran.

Britain has already sent the HMS Duncan, an air defense destroyer, to cover for frigate HMS Montrose while it undergoes maintenance in nearby Bahrain.

Robert Fox, Defence Editor at a leading media house has commented on Iran- UK position saying, “The stand-off between Iranian patrol boats and a British tanker and frigate appears to be a tit-for-tat move by Iran after the seizure by British marines of the supertanker Grace 1, carrying Iranian oil, off Gibraltar last week.”

HMS Duncan is an air defense destroyer that carries a set of heavy Harpoon anti-ship missiles and has a company and crew in excess of 280.

Iran had demanded the immediate release of the Grace 1, which British Royal Marines boarded off Gibraltar last week.

In response to this, Britain has agreed to do so, provided Iran promises to keep off supplying oil to Syria and meddling with international trade on the sea.

It is not going to be a straight negotiation with Iran as it continues to act notorious and play games with EU nations and those wanting to side with neither America nor Iran on the whole nuclear agreement skirmish that is creating tension worldwide.

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