Britain and France Might Sail Warships to Challenge China

The warships belonging to Britain and France would be sailing in the South China Sea in order to challenge the increasing military presence of China in the disputed waters. Both France and Britain are the permanent members of the United Nations Security Council had echoed the plan of the US to counter the militarization of China.

British helicopters and ships along with a French maritime task group would be reaching Singapore and then sail to specific areas of the South China Sea. French armed forces minister Florence Parly had stated that the warships would be crossing the territorial areas as claimed by Beijing and envision a potential encounter with the military forces of China.

Parly had stated that the commander of the ships would be sailing forth in spite of the request to sail away because under the international law and he could advance in the international waters. She had stated that even though France was not a claimant in the dispute regarding the South China Sea, by organizing such exercises with the friends and allies, they can make sure that a rule-based order is being carried out.

Parly had also mentioned that by using their freedom of navigation they could place themselves in the place of a persistent objector and she felt that the effort would be greatly broadened. Beijing had claimed around 90 percent of the South China Sea and the region overlaps with the regions claimed by the neighboring countries as well. China had expanded its militarization of the man-made islands.

British Secretary of State for Defence Gavin Williamson had stated that three warships would be sent to the region as a counter measure to the malign influence of China and also to make sure that the rule-based order remains in place for a long time.


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