BRICS Calls for an All-Inclusive Approach for Fighting Terrorism

The BRICS nations called for an all-inclusive approach in battling terrorism. As a part of the approaches, some steps which can be taken includes opposing radicalization, blocking channels of terrorist financing, preventing misuse of the internet by terrorist groups, and demolishing terrorists’ bases.

The five member nations: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa signed the BRICS Johannesburg Declaration insisting that those who would be responsible for committing, organizing, and even supporting terrorist acts, must be held culpable. The declaration also stated that all member nations should embrace an extensive approach for dealing with terrorism by resisting travel of foreign terrorist fighters, or by blocking sources of channels of fiancé for the terrorist, and many more things.

The declaration condemned the continued terrorist attacks in some BRICS member states. It also criticized terrorism in all forms conducted by any one and on any point of time. The declaration also requested for united efforts for countering terrorism under the umbrella of UN support on an international basis. It also stated that every member state should be responsible to prevent financing of terrorist networks and terrorist actions within their territory.

The declaration also focused on the need to launch a multilateral negotiation on an international practice for suppressing the acts of chemical and biological terrorism. Negotiation should be also done to address the threats of chemical and biological terrorism.

The UN General Assembly called for speedy conclusion and adoption of the Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism.

The member nations declared that their fight against terrorism should be directed in accord with the international law. The bloc also restated their engagement to increase the effectiveness of the UN counter terrorism framework. Finally, the group reaffirmed their pledge to support international cooperation for fighting illicit financial flows and cooperation within World Customs Organization and Financial Actions Task Force.


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