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Border to Reopen: Syria and Jordan
Border to Reopen: Syria and Jordan

Border to Reopen: Syria and Jordan

The crossing border between Syria and Jordan will officially reopen after it was closed for almost three years. Both the countries stated that it will not be open for the traffic immediately, though it will be reopening. The foreign ministers of Syria and Iraq had a discussion on the efforts for reopening the border between their countries which is continuously accelerating. The government of Syria took again the area which is around the border crossing with Jordan at Nassib during the offensive backed by Russia for a week to drive the rebels from their stronghold particularly in the Southwestern part of Syria.

When the Nassib crossing was closed, a crucial transit route was cut for more than hundred trucks which transport goods between the Gulf and Turkey, and Lebanon and Turkey in the annual trade which involved multi-billion dollars. Only normally operating frontier crossing of Syria has been with Lebanon which has no other functioning land borders for itself. The frontier which is with Turkey is still closed into the areas which are held by the government of Syria, but it is open to the territory which is controlled by the rebels.

A military base for the US which is set up near the border for Syria and Iraq has closed the main Damascus-Baghdad highway, although a smaller crossing at Albu Kamal further is known to be there that is open presently only for the government or the military traffic. It will be important for Lebanon if the border is opened. The opening of the border relies upon Syria especially for the overland connections with all the other countries because it is the only other frontier which connects to Israel and it has no other ties other than that. The exports from Lebanon reduced by 35 percent after the Syrian conflict began.

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