Bomb Package Sent to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Ahead of us Election

Former US President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton along with others became the target of suspicious attacks. The attacks were mainly directed towards distinguished Democrats. According to FBI agents, the action of sending package bombs can be considered as an act of terrorism. Hence, they are investigating the matter.
Around eight suspicious packages aiming at Clinton, Obama, CNN were seized on Tuesday night before it reached its targets. Even Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder, former CIA Director John
Brennan and distinguished Democratic Party donor George Soros were also targeted.
According to FBI, two packages were sent to California Congresswoman Maxine Waters. Investigators are trying to track down another doubtful parcel, which they believe that the parcel might have been send to Obama’s Vice President, Joe Biden.
Even though the eight packages didn’t exploded, nobody was injured. No terrorist group claimed the responsibility of the action. However, the news of bomb threat intensified tensions in a country that has been antithetical just ahead of the 6th November elections. The elections would decide whether Democrats would be in power for one or both houses of Congress from Republicans. Presently, Trump holds majority of power in both houses.
Some Democrats went ahead and accused US President Donald Trump of feeding the possibility of political violence by inviting hyper-partisan and harsh rhetoric.
In response, Trump announces that his administration would carry out a tough investigation on the matter. He added that any action of threat or political violence is an attack on the democracy. Hence, he wishes all sides should join their hands and prevent such actions.
According to the New York Police Department, it seemed that all bombs came from the same individual.


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