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Bolton aims to frighten Iran

Joseph Gerson, President of the Peace Disarmament and Joint Security Campaign, expressed his words in an interview about IRNA.

In response to a question from US National Security Advisor John R. Bolton about deploying the US aircraft carrier Lincoln to the Persian Gulf, Gerson said: ‘This was total nonsense. Abraham Lincoln’s deployment was reported more than a month ago. ‘

He said, “Even if it is the expression of US militarism and geostrategic ambition and policing, it is the standard operating procedure for the Navy.”

”Bolton wanted to scare the Iranians and help Iran build a political climate that would support some US military intervention in the United States,“ he said.

He will underline the US people not wanting another US war in the Middle East, ef If Iran does not answer as a military and patience responds well, the power and influence of Bolton and his allies.

With regard to the unilateral withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear deal known as the US Co-operative Action Plan (JCPOA), Gerson said, O Trump has violated JCPOA. This accelerates the alienation of the US from many European countries and reduces its respect to the United States internationally. “

In the medium and long term, this will harm the US. Therefore, the bullying regime against Iran will be sanctioned for change, ‘he said.

The American expert said whether sanctions will be successful will depend on the Iranian people’s reaction and the degree to which they are supported or opposed by other countries.

Answering a question about the effect of the US anti-Iranian decision to reduce Iran’s oil exports to regional and international peace, Gerson said, ın Applying sanctions to countries like Japan, China and India will not win US friends. Peoples have long memories, and this will drive away many people from the United States. In addition, sanctions can be used to support future military action. ‘

He said, u I think it is imperative that Iran not respond to US provocations. Even a small sea or air can easily climb a great battle that they cannot win, and more potentially, if not more, hundreds of thousands of victims. ‘

On the reasons why the US dictated Iran’s official armed forces (The Guardians of the Islamic Revolution [IRGC]), he said, “In the root, there is a struggle for power in which the country will become a regional hegemon.

With its open and secret military actions against Syria and Lebanon, the Iranian government has been pushing the US and Saudi regional hegemony, which has long been strengthened by Israel, “he said.

We would have done better if the common security diplomacy was maintained rather than the parties that continued to maintain hegemony. “

”Even the US and the Soviet Union were able to track democratic diplomacy and withdraw themselves from the threshold of nuclear destruction,“ he said. So long as we’re keeping an eye on Gandhi, all of us are blind.

He said that for most of the interview, the US pointed to the new Iranian nuclear activities permitted under the JCPOA and the new election of Iran to prevent it from getting some JCPOA restrictions. Gerson: top I just got back from meetings at the United Nations. NPT PrepCom. ‘

There are concerns that Iran may withdraw from the NPT. To do so will strengthen the militarists in the US, to justify military intervention (even if the US and other nuclear forces violate the NPT) and serve as a nail in the NPT’s coffin, he said.

He said the collapse of NPT would lead to global nuclear proliferation and would increase the chances of launching nuclear weapons anywhere in the world, in some crises or wars, with the potential to end all life on the planet as we know it.

”Limitation and creative diplomacy are ways to avoid disaster for both Iran and the United States,“ he said.

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